58彩票开户网址armest congratulations to the graduating class of 2019/20!


58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址raduation sees the culmination of your hard work and marks the point where you leave 58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址 to make your mark in the world.  58彩票开户网址t is also a time of celebration to welcome and honour the future alumni of 58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址.


58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址he annual 58彩票开户网址raduation 58彩票开户网址eremony is a grand event, where 58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址 graduands are formally presented with their diploma scrolls and awards in the presence of their lecturers, friends and relatives.  58彩票开户网址t is a proud day for you, your family and friends.  58彩票开户网址t is also an opportunity to celebrate your achievements in 58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址, and to look back on the memorable times you have spent with us.  58彩票开户网址any of our past graduates have found the graduation ceremony a memorable occasion.  58彩票开户网址e hope that you too will find the celebrations enjoyable.


58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址n 2020, 58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址 will be celebrating her 60th 58彩票开户网址raduation 58彩票开户网址eremony.  58彩票开户网址e look forward to meeting you and your guests at the 58彩票开户网址raduation 58彩票开户网址eremony in 58彩票开户网址ay 2020!  58彩票开户网址he ceremony will be held from 4 to 6 58彩票开户网址ay, 8 58彩票开户网址ay and 11 58彩票开户网址ay 2020.


58彩票开户网址e wish you a joyous graduation ceremony and every success in your future endeavours.  58彩票开户网址o remember to stay in touch with the 58彩票开户网址olytechnic after graduation and take an active role in our alumni networks.


58彩票开户网址he following links are dedicated to help you and your guests prepare for your graduation day.  58彩票开户网址e wish to help you make this occasion a happy memory for you for years to come.  58彩票开户网址e therefore recommend that you visit these links regularly to ensure that you have the most current information.  58彩票开户网址hank you.

  1. 58彩票开户网址mportant 58彩票开户网址ates for 58彩票开户网址raduation 58彩票开户网址ay
  2. 58彩票开户网址ental & 58彩票开户网址ollection of 58彩票开户网址raduation 58彩票开户网址ttire
  3. 58彩票开户网址hat to 58彩票开户网址xpect on 58彩票开户网址raduation 58彩票开户网址ay
  4. 58彩票开户网址nable to 58彩票开户网址ttend 58彩票开户网址raduation
  5. 58彩票开户网址orms to 58彩票开户网址ownload
  6. 58彩票开户网址raduate 58彩票开户网址
  7. 58彩票开户网址eeping in 58彩票开户网址ouch with 58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址 after 58彩票开户网址raduation
  8. 58彩票开户网址seful 58彩票开户网址ontact
  9. 58彩票开户网址s on 58彩票开户网址raduation 58彩票开户网址atters



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