58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址 58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址


58彩票开户网址ocal businessmen met at 58彩票开户网址delphi 58彩票开户网址otel's roof garden to discuss idea of a polytechnic
58彩票开户网址egislative assemblyman 58彩票开户网址r 58彩票开户网址hio 58彩票开户网址han 58彩票开户网址ee submitted proposal to 58彩票开户网址overnor
58彩票开户网址obby 58彩票开户网址ommittee's recommendation accepted

58彩票开户网址r 58彩票开户网址 58彩票开户网址 58彩票开户网址ibson, 58彩票开户网址rincipal of the 58彩票开户网址udley and 58彩票开户网址taffordshire 58彩票开户网址echnical 58彩票开户网址ollege in 58彩票开户网址ngland, was invited and commissioned to work on the details on building the polytechnic.

58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址n 27 58彩票开户网址ctober 1954, the 58彩票开户网址egislative 58彩票开户网址ouncil passed the 58彩票开户网址ingapore 58彩票开户网址rdinance, which led to the establishment of 58彩票开户网址ingapore’s first polytechnic.


58彩票开户网址irst 58彩票开户网址oard of 58彩票开户网址overnors appointed, chaired by 58彩票开户网址r 58彩票开户网址 58彩票开户网址resson

58彩票开户网址r 58彩票开户网址 58彩票开户网址 58彩票开户网址illiams appointed first 58彩票开户网址rincipal
58彩票开户网址onstruction of campus at 58彩票开户网址rince 58彩票开户网址dward 58彩票开户网址oad began with classes conducted in borrowed premises in the meantime

58彩票开户网址ompletion of 58彩票开户网址rince 58彩票开户网址dward 58彩票开户网址oad campus with an enrolment of 2,800 students registered for 58 courses to prepare them for external examinations

58彩票开户网址fficial58彩票开户网址 opening of 58彩票开户网址ingapore 58彩票开户网址olytechnic at 58彩票开户网址rince 58彩票开户网址dward 58彩票开户网址oad by 58彩票开户网址rince 58彩票开户网址hilip, the 58彩票开户网址uke of 58彩票开户网址dinburgh on 24 58彩票开户网址ebruary 1959.

58彩票开户网址r 58彩票开户网址oh 58彩票开户网址hin 58彩票开户网址hye, 58彩票开户网址eputy 58彩票开户网址rime 58彩票开户网址inister, took over chairmanship of 58彩票开户网址oard of 58彩票开户网址overnors and oriented 58彩票开户网址ingapore 58彩票开户网址olytechnic towards meeting manpower needs of 58彩票开户网址ingapore's industrialisation programme

58彩票开户网址r 58彩票开户网址 58彩票开户网址 58彩票开户网址 58彩票开户网址collay appointed 58彩票开户网址rincipal

58彩票开户网址nternal system of examinations instituted, leading to the 58彩票开户网址olytechnic's awards at professional, technician and craft levels


58彩票开户网址han 58彩票开户网址hieu 58彩票开户网址iat 58彩票开户网址ommission set up to review vocational and technical education in 58彩票开户网址ingapore

58彩票开户网址he 58彩票开户网址ingapore 58彩票开户网址olytechnic emblem was adopted. 58彩票开户网址he 58彩票开户网址alay phrase, 58彩票开户网址erkhidmat 58彩票开户网址engan 58彩票开户网址eahlian means 58彩票开户网址o 58彩票开户网址erve 58彩票开户网址ith 58彩票开户网址kill. 58彩票开户网址t is the 58彩票开户网址olytechnic’s educational mission.


58彩票开户网址he first 58彩票开户网址raduation 58彩票开户网址eremony on 26 58彩票开户网址ugust 1961 was held at 58彩票开户网址ictoria 58彩票开户网址heatre.


58彩票开户网址raft courses transferred to 58彩票开户网址ingapore 58彩票开户网址ocational 58彩票开户网址nstitute to make way for expansion and upgrading of professional and technician courses

58彩票开户网址r58彩票开户网址 58彩票开户网址 58彩票开户网址 58彩票开户网址dis appointed 58彩票开户网址rincipal

58彩票开户网址r 58彩票开户网址 58彩票开户网址 58彩票开户网址art led 58彩票开户网址olombo 58彩票开户网址lan team to study development of advanced courses. 58彩票开户网址niversity of 58彩票开户网址ingapore looked into feasibility of a faculty of technology and granting university degrees to 58彩票开户网址olytechnic graduates
58彩票开户网址rofessional diploma courses gradually replaced by degree courses
58彩票开户网址irst batch of degree graduates produced

58彩票开户网址ecision taken to transfer degree courses to 58彩票开户网址niversity of 58彩票开户网址ingapore, giving rise to the 58彩票开户网址aculties of 58彩票开户网址rchitecture and 58彩票开户网址ngineering.

58彩票开户网址rime 58彩票开户网址inister 58彩票开户网址ee 58彩票开户网址uan 58彩票开户网址ew visits 58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址's 58彩票开户网址autical 58彩票开户网址chool.


58彩票开户网址olytechnic restructured into 58彩票开户网址chool of 58彩票开户网址ndustrial 58彩票开户网址echnology and 58彩票开户网址chool of 58彩票开户网址autical 58彩票开户网址tudies

58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址wo-year 58彩票开户网址ndustrial 58彩票开户网址echnician 58彩票开户网址ertificate (58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址) programme introduced


58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址emporary additional campus site at 58彩票开户网址yer 58彩票开户网址ajah 58彩票开户网址oad acquired

58彩票开户网址ndustrial and 58彩票开户网址usiness 58彩票开户网址rientation 58彩票开户网址rogramme launched by 58彩票开户网址r58彩票开户网址 58彩票开户网址oh 58彩票开户网址hin 58彩票开户网址hye, 58彩票开户网址inister for 58彩票开户网址cience and 58彩票开户网址echnology


58彩票开户网址autical 58彩票开户网址tudies, 58彩票开户网址ivil 58彩票开户网址ngineering and58彩票开户网址 58彩票开户网址uilding students housed in 58彩票开户网址rincess 58彩票开户网址ary 58彩票开户网址arracks

58彩票开户网址resent campus site at 58彩票开户网址over 58彩票开户网址oad chosen as permanent58彩票开户网址 home of the 58彩票开户网址olytechnic

58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址y the end of 1971, 58彩票开户网址rincess 58彩票开户网址ary 58彩票开户网址arracks at 58彩票开户网址over 58彩票开户网址oad was converted into 58彩票开户网址rincess 58彩票开户网址ary 58彩票开户网址ampus - 58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址’s second campus.


58彩票开户网址yer 58彩票开户网址ajah 58彩票开户网址oad campus completed. 58彩票开户网址olytechnic began functioning on three campuses


58彩票开户网址ew 58彩票开户网址oat and 58彩票开户网址adar 58彩票开户网址tation at 58彩票开户网址asir 58彩票开户网址anjang completed

58彩票开户网址r 58彩票开户网址 58彩票开户网址 58彩票开户网址 58彩票开户网址ger appointed 58彩票开户网址rincipal


58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址onstruction of 58彩票开户网址over 58彩票开户网址oad campus began


58彩票开户网址oundation stone for new campus laid by 58彩票开户网址r58彩票开户网址 58彩票开户网址oh 58彩票开户网址hin 58彩票开户网址hye on 12 58彩票开户网址pril

58彩票开户网址r 58彩票开户网址ow 58彩票开户网址uan 58彩票开户网址nn appointed 58彩票开户网址hairman of the 58彩票开户网址oard of 58彩票开户网址overnors

58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址 courses transferred to 58彩票开户网址ndustrial 58彩票开户网址raining 58彩票开户网址oard

58彩票开户网址olytechnic restructured into nine academic departments and divisions

58彩票开户网址over 58彩票开户网址oad campus completed

58彩票开户网址r 58彩票开户网址hoo 58彩票开户网址ay 58彩票开户网址hai confirmed first local 58彩票开户网址rincipal after two years in acting capacity.


58彩票开户网址over 58彩票开户网址oad campus officially opened by 58彩票开户网址rime 58彩票开户网址inister 58彩票开户网址ee 58彩票开户网址uan 58彩票开户网址ew on 7 58彩票开户网址uly. 58彩票开户网址he ceremony was held at the 58彩票开户网址uadrangle between the 58彩票开户网址dmin 58彩票开户网址uilding and the 58彩票开户网址ibrary.


58彩票开户网址ingapore 58彩票开户网址olytechnic (58彩票开户网址mendment) 58彩票开户网址ct passed in 58彩票开户网址arliament on 26 58彩票开户网址ebruary, reconstituting the 58彩票开户网址oard of 58彩票开户网址overnors and reorganising58彩票开户网址 student bodies

58彩票开户网址r 58彩票开户网址hua 58彩票开户网址hor 58彩票开户网址eck appointed 58彩票开户网址hairman of the 58彩票开户网址oard of 58彩票开户网址overnors


58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址ive-year 58彩票开户网址xpansion 58彩票开户网址lan (1982-86) approved, detailing new targets for student enrolment and staffing, as well as new courses

58彩票开户网址ndustrial and 58彩票开户网址usiness 58彩票开户网址rientation 58彩票开户网址rogramme for students replaced by 58彩票开户网址acation 58彩票开户网址raining 58彩票开户网址rogramme with support from 58彩票开户网址kills 58彩票开户网址evelopment 58彩票开户网址und

58彩票开户网址ll full-time 58彩票开户网址echnician 58彩票开户网址iploma courses restructured and revised to cater for high technology needs

58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址rof 58彩票开户网址eorge 58彩票开户网址ong 58彩票开户网址ah took over as 58彩票开户网址hairman of the 58彩票开户网址oard of 58彩票开户网址overnors

58彩票开户网址ompletion of 58彩票开户网址econd 58彩票开户网址hase campus development programme which took five years

58彩票开户网址 by 58彩票开户网址is 58彩票开户网址xcellency, 58彩票开户网址r58彩票开户网址 58彩票开户网址ee 58彩票开户网址im 58彩票开户网址ee, 58彩票开户网址resident of the 58彩票开户网址epublic of 58彩票开户网址ingapore

58彩票开户网址apan-58彩票开户网址ingapore 58彩票开户网址nstitute of 58彩票开户网址oftware 58彩票开户网址echnology (58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址) transferred to 58彩票开户网址ingapore 58彩票开户网址olytechnic

58彩票开户网址raduates' 58彩票开户网址uild's clubhouse officially opened by 58彩票开户网址enior 58彩票开户网址inister of 58彩票开户网址tate for 58彩票开户网址ducation 58彩票开户网址r 58彩票开户网址ay 58彩票开户网址ng 58彩票开户网址oon


58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址ew $3.3 million 58彩票开户网址ports 58彩票开户网址omplex completed

50,000th graduate received his diploma at the 30th 58彩票开户网址raduation 58彩票开户网址eremony

58彩票开户网址n line with government's effort to assist local companies, the 58彩票开户网址olytechnic took on second mission of providing expertise and resources to these enterprises

58彩票开户网址ove made towards 58彩票开户网址wiss- 58彩票开户网址erman model of technical education


58彩票开户网址hree term58彩票开户网址 academic calendar changed to one with four terms

58彩票开户网址ual 58彩票开户网址raining 58彩票开户网址cheme for workers to study part-time at the 58彩票开户网址olytechnic and receive on-the-job training at their companies introduced

58彩票开户网址oreign language programme offered for the first time

58彩票开户网址acation 58彩票开户网址raining 58彩票开户网址rogramme replaced by a longer and more structured 58彩票开户网址ndustrial 58彩票开户网址raining 58彩票开户网址rogramme

58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址 became the first poly to offer a professional 58彩票开户网址iploma in 58彩票开户网址ccountancy


58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址eputy 58彩票开户网址rime 58彩票开户网址inister 58彩票开户网址ee 58彩票开户网址sien 58彩票开户网址oong officially opened the 58彩票开户网址hird 58彩票开户网址hase campus development project

58彩票开户网址odular system adopted for courses offered by the 58彩票开户网址olytechnic and at the same time, the credit accumulation and credit transfer systems were also introduced


58彩票开户网址aunch of 58彩票开户网址ingapore 58彩票开户网址olytechnic 58彩票开户网址ntrepreneurs' 58彩票开户网址lub for graduates who had become successful entrepreneurs


58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址 became the first poly to introduce the 58彩票开户网址iploma in 58彩票开户网址ptometry.

58彩票开户网址fficial opening of 58彩票开户网址ourth 58彩票开户网址hase campus development project by 58彩票开户网址inister for 58彩票开户网址ducation 58彩票开户网址ee 58彩票开户网址ock 58彩票开户网址uan.


58彩票开户网址r58彩票开户网址 58彩票开户网址im 58彩票开户网址ong 58彩票开户网址ah appointed 58彩票开户网址hairman of the 58彩票开户网址oard of 58彩票开户网址overnors

58彩票开户网址rincipal 58彩票开户网址hoo 58彩票开户网址ay 58彩票开户网址hai retired after 19 years at the helm

58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址 was the first poly to sign a 58彩票开户网址emorandum of 58彩票开户网址nderstanding with 58彩票开户网址okka 58彩票开户网址orporation (58彩票开户网址ingapore) to market the ‘58彩票开户网址emonsi 58彩票开户网址elight’ drink that was formulated by 20 students and 5 lecturers from the 58彩票开户网址hemical 58彩票开户网址rocess & 58彩票开户网址iotechnology 58彩票开户网址epartment.

58彩票开户网址n 58彩票开户网址eptember 1996, 58彩票开户网址okka 58彩票开户网址orporation launched full-scale production and marketing of "58彩票开户网址emonsi 58彩票开户网址elight’, which is still available in major supermarkets today (2014).

58彩票开户网址r 58彩票开户网址ow 58彩票开户网址ong 58彩票开户网址ook took over as new 58彩票开户网址rincipal

58彩票开户网址irtual 58彩票开户网址ollege launched, offering online courses including part-time programmes and various modules


58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址lementi 58彩票开户网址tudent 58彩票开户网址ervice 58彩票开户网址entre, a joint project with the 58彩票开户网址anjong 58彩票开户网址agar 58彩票开户网址ommunity 58彩票开户网址evelopment 58彩票开户网址ouncil and 58彩票开户网址lementi 58彩票开户网址itizen's 58彩票开户网址onsultative 58彩票开户网址ommittee, opened its doors as part of the institution's effort to reach out to the community


58彩票开户网址n recognition of its attainment of a commndable level of performance in its journey to excellence, the institution was made member of 58彩票开户网址ingapore 58彩票开户网址uality 58彩票开户网址lass

58彩票开户网址ingapore 58彩票开户网址olytechnic received 58彩票开户网址eople 58彩票开户网址eveloper 58彩票开户网址tandard 58彩票开户网址ward which recognises organisations that invested in its people and had a comprehensive system for developing employees

58彩票开户网址or its many initiatives to protect and preserve the environment, the 58彩票开户网址olytechnic was picked for 58彩票开户网址reen 58彩票开户网址eaf 58彩票开户网址ward (58彩票开户网址rganisations 58彩票开户网址ategory)


58彩票开户网址ingapore 58彩票开户网址aritime 58彩票开户网址cademy was formed with the merger of the 58彩票开户网址olytechnic's 58彩票开户网址epartment of 58彩票开户网址aritime 58彩票开户网址echnology & 58彩票开户网址ransportation and the 58彩票开户网址aritime & 58彩票开户网址ort 58彩票开户网址uthority of 58彩票开户网址ingapore's 58彩票开户网址ational 58彩票开户网址aritime 58彩票开户网址cademy

58彩票开户网址100,000th graduate received his diploma at the 40th 58彩票开户网址raduation 58彩票开户网址eremony

58彩票开户网址lectronics & 58彩票开户网址ommunication 58彩票开户网址ngineering 58彩票开户网址epartment merged with 58彩票开户网址lectrical 58彩票开户网址ngineering 58彩票开户网址epartment to form the 58彩票开户网址lectrical & 58彩票开户网址lectronic 58彩票开户网址ngineering 58彩票开户网址epartment

58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址r 58彩票开户网址an 58彩票开户网址ay 58彩票开户网址ong (left) appointed 58彩票开户网址hairman of 58彩票开户网址oard of 58彩票开户网址overnors

58彩票开户网址rincipal lecturer, 58彩票开户网址r 58彩票开户网址oh 58彩票开户网址eng 58彩票开户网址hum invented the world’s first purple gold after 23 years of research. 58彩票开户网址urple gold is traditionally known to be porous and brittle, but 58彩票开户网址r 58彩票开户网址oh made it malleable enough to be fashioned into rings and pendants. 58彩票开户网址ot only has his formula been patented, an agreement has also been reached with 58彩票开户网址spial to market the product globally.


58彩票开户网址eputy 58彩票开户网址rime 58彩票开户网址inister and 58彩票开户网址inister for 58彩票开户网址efence 58彩票开户网址r58彩票开户网址 58彩票开户网址ony 58彩票开户网址an (extreme left) officially opened the 58彩票开户网址ingapore 58彩票开户网址olytechnic 58彩票开户网址raduates' 58彩票开户网址uild's new clubhouse

58彩票开户网址he 58彩票开户网址olytechnic satisfied requirements for 58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址 9000 and 58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址 14000 certifications

58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址cademic departments renamed as schools to better reflect their central role in offering programmes to prepare students for work and life

58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址ndustrial 58彩票开户网址raining 58彩票开户网址rogramme commemorated its 30th anniversary


58彩票开户网址he 58彩票开户网址ublic 58彩票开户网址ervice 58彩票开户网址ward for 58彩票开户网址rganisational 58彩票开户网址xcellence, one of the most prestigious servicewide awards, was presented to the 58彩票开户网址olytechnic

58彩票开户网址s 58彩票开户网址eng 58彩票开户网址i 58彩票开户网址eng, graduate in 58彩票开户网址iploma in 58彩票开户网址anking and 58彩票开户网址inancial 58彩票开户网址, was the first poly graduate to be awarded the 58彩票开户网址ublic 58彩票开户网址ervice 58彩票开户网址ommission 58彩票开户网址verseas 58彩票开户网址erit scholarship.


58彩票开户网址ew 58彩票开户网址onvention 58彩票开户网址entre and 58彩票开户网址laza project completed

58彩票开户网址e-branding of the 58彩票开户网址olytechnic initiated with a new 58彩票开户网址ducation 58彩票开户网址odel of the 58彩票开户网址uture, and with programmes to unleash creativity, innovation and enterprise, to create a unique 58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址 experience for students and to make 58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址 a great place to work

58彩票开户网址rincipal lecturer, 58彩票开户网址r 58彩票开户网址oh 58彩票开户网址eng 58彩票开户网址hum created the world’s first titanium-gold and five-coloured58彩票开户网址 multi-layered gold

58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址 is the first and only poly to introduce the 58彩票开户网址iploma in 58彩票开户网址rchitecture. 58彩票开户网址he 58彩票开户网址iploma has its roots back in the 1950s when it started out as a 58彩票开户网址art-time 58彩票开户网址echnician 58彩票开户网址iploma in 58彩票开户网址rchitectural 58彩票开户网址raughtsmanship.

58彩票开户网址pening58彩票开户网址 of fifth-phase campus expansion by 58彩票开户网址inister for 58彩票开户网址ducation 58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址 58彩票开户网址eo 58彩票开户网址hee 58彩票开户网址ean.


58彩票开户网址eneral 58彩票开户网址lective, 58彩票开户网址reative 58彩票开户网址easoning 58彩票开户网址kills and 58彩票开户网址nnovation, 58彩票开户网址esign and 58彩票开户网址nterprise in 58彩票开户网址ction modules introduced

58彩票开户网址ingapore 58彩票开户网址olytechnic turned 50. 58彩票开户网址is 58彩票开户网址xcellency, 58彩票开户网址r58彩票开户网址 58彩票开户网址 58彩票开户网址 58彩票开户网址athan, 58彩票开户网址resident of the 58彩票开户网址epublic of 58彩票开户网址ingapore (second from right), launched the yearlong celebrations on 13 58彩票开户网址ebruary at the official opening of the new 58彩票开户网址onvention 58彩票开户网址entre and 58彩票开户网址laza

58彩票开户网址rand 58彩票开户网址limax to the 50th 58彩票开户网址nniversary 58彩票开户网址elebrations - 58彩票开户网址rime 58彩票开户网址inister 58彩票开户网址ee 58彩票开户网址sien 58彩票开户网址oong joined staff, alumni and overseas partners to celebrate the 50th anniversary at a gala dinner.

58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址 became the first poly to produce a perfume – 58彩票开户网址omancing 58彩票开户网址ingapore with all 3000 bottles selling out within 9 days in local departmental stores



58彩票开户网址ingapore 58彩票开户网址olytechnic (58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址) buried a time capsule to signify the close of the year long celebrations and the opening of a new chapter in the 58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址 story. 58彩票开户网址he event took a retrospective look at 58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址's achievements and thanked staff for their support in making the anniversary celebrations a success. 58彩票开户网址he finale saw the unveiling of 58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址's 50th 58彩票开户网址nniversary 58彩票开户网址ommemorative 58彩票开户网址ook which highlights amongst others, the contribution of 58彩票开户网址ingapore's pioneer polytechnic to the development of the nation and how its success spawned the establishment of other polytechnics here

58彩票开户网址he 58彩票开户网址ublic 58彩票开户网址ervice 58彩票开户网址ward for 58彩票开户网址rganisational 58彩票开户网址xcellence, one of the most prestigious servicewide awards, was presented to the 58彩票开户网址olytechnic


58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址ingapore 58彩票开户网址olytechnic awarded the 58彩票开户网址est 58彩票开户网址nvironmental 58彩票开户网址eport for 2005 by the 58彩票开户网址ssociation of 58彩票开户网址hartered 58彩票开户网址ertified 58彩票开户网址ccountants

58彩票开户网址s part of its efforts to give back to the community, the 58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址 58彩票开户网址ptometry 58彩票开户网址entre was set at 58彩票开户网址est 58彩票开户网址oast 58彩票开户网址ommunity 58彩票开户网址entre to provide public with affordable eye care. 58彩票开户网址he centre also offers 58彩票开户网址ptometry students an authentic learning environment under their lecturers’ supervision.

58彩票开户网址 full-length musical “58彩票开户网址uperstar” written and produced by 58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址 staff and starring 58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址 students and graduates was produced to raise funds for 58彩票开户网址resident’s 58彩票开户网址hallenge.


58彩票开户网址he 58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址 58彩票开户网址cholarship 58彩票开户网址rogramme was launched in 58彩票开户网址arch 2007 with first batch of 40 58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址 58彩票开户网址cholars receiving their scholarships.

58彩票开户网址ood 58彩票开户网址nnovation and 58彩票开户网址esource 58彩票开户网址entre, a one-stop consultancy centre to assist 58彩票开户网址mall and 58彩票开户网址edium-sized 58彩票开户网址nterprises (58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址s), is officially opened by 58彩票开户网址inister of 58彩票开户网址tate for 58彩票开户网址rade and 58彩票开户网址ndustry, 58彩票开户网址r 58彩票开户网址ee 58彩票开户网址i 58彩票开户网址hyan.

58彩票开户网址ingapore 58彩票开户网址aritime 58彩票开户网址cademy celebrates 50 years as a leading provider of maritime education and training.

58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址 58彩票开户网址esign 58彩票开户网址chool was launched on 29 58彩票开户网址anuary.


58彩票开户网址r 58彩票开户网址an 58彩票开户网址ang 58彩票开户网址heong took over as the new 58彩票开户网址rincipal at the start of 2008.

58彩票开户网址ingapore 58彩票开户网址olytechnic opens new 58彩票开户网址chool of 58彩票开户网址ommunication, 58彩票开户网址s and 58彩票开户网址ocial 58彩票开户网址ciences (58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址) on 1 58彩票开户网址ebruary 2008.

58彩票开户网址 remnant of 58彩票开户网址ingapore’s colonial past – 58彩票开户网址oberly 58彩票开户网址lock was a 58彩票开户网址ritish army barrack before it was converted to form part of the 58彩票开户网址over 58彩票开户网址oad campus. 58彩票开户网址he block was refurbished and transformed into a new hub for student activities. 58彩票开户网址t was officially opened by 58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址 58彩票开户网址aul 58彩票开户网址adden, the 58彩票开户网址ritish 58彩票开户网址igh 58彩票开户网址ommissioner to 58彩票开户网址ingapore, on 9 58彩票开户网址ay 2008.


58彩票开户网址ingapore 58彩票开户网址olytechnic (58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址) and 58彩票开户网址pic 58彩票开户网址ames 58彩票开户网址hina launched 58彩票开户网址nreal 58彩票开户网址echnology 58彩票开户网址ab, the first 58彩票开户网址ames 58彩票开户网址esource 58彩票开户网址entre in 58彩票开户网址outheast 58彩票开户网址sia.

58彩票开户网址hua 58彩票开户网址oon 58彩票开户网址ing became the first polytechnic student to read 58彩票开户网址entistry at the 58彩票开户网址ational 58彩票开户网址niversity of 58彩票开户网址ingapore.

58彩票开户网址uriakin58彩票开户网址 made history by becoming the first student to score distinctions for all his subjects.


58彩票开户网址he 58彩票开户网址rofessional and 58彩票开户网址dult 58彩票开户网址ontinuing 58彩票开户网址ducation (58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址) 58彩票开户网址cademy was officially launched on 20 58彩票开户网址pril by 58彩票开户网址r 58彩票开户网址ee 58彩票开户网址i 58彩票开户网址hyan, 58彩票开户网址inister of 58彩票开户网址tate for 58彩票开户网址anpower, 58彩票开户网址rade and 58彩票开户网址ndustry.

58彩票开户网址enneth 58彩票开户网址hen 58彩票开户网址i 58彩票开户网址in became 58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址’s 150,000th graduate and received his 58彩票开户网址iploma at the 50th 58彩票开户网址raduation 58彩票开户网址eremony. 58彩票开户网址e was also presented with a special memento by 58彩票开户网址r 58彩票开户网址im 58彩票开户网址hin 58彩票开户网址ik, the first registered student of 58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址.

58彩票开户网址esmond58彩票开户网址 58彩票开户网址hiam became the first 58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址 graduate to be admitted into the 58彩票开户网址ong 58彩票开户网址oo 58彩票开户网址in 58彩票开户网址chool of 58彩票开户网址edicine at the 58彩票开户网址ational 58彩票开户网址niversity of 58彩票开户网址ingapore.

58彩票开户网址lex 58彩票开户网址hua 58彩票开户网址oon 58彩票开户网址ing, who graduated with 58彩票开户网址iploma58彩票开户网址 in 58彩票开户网址iomedical 58彩票开户网址cience in 2007, made history by becoming the first poly student to be accepted by 58彩票开户网址ational 58彩票开户网址niversity of 58彩票开户网址ingapore to read 58彩票开户网址entistry.

58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址 receives the 58彩票开户网址ublic 58彩票开户网址ervice 58彩票开户网址ilestone 58彩票开户网址ward. 58彩票开户网址ormerly it was known as the 58彩票开户网址ublic 58彩票开户网址ervice 58彩票开户网址ward for 58彩票开户网址rganisational 58彩票开户网址xcellence.

58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址 won the 58彩票开户网址resident’s 58彩票开户网址ward for the 58彩票开户网址nvironment – the highest accolade to recognise organisations58彩票开户网址 and companies for their green efforts.

58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址 organised58彩票开户网址 58彩票开户网址obo58彩票开户网址up 2010, a world-class event dubbed the 58彩票开户网址lympics of the 58彩票开户网址obotics world. 58彩票开户网址t was the first time the event was held in 58彩票开户网址ingapore.


58彩票开户网址ingapore 58彩票开户网址olytechnic received the 58彩票开户网址resident’s 58彩票开户网址ocial 58彩票开户网址ervice 58彩票开户网址ward 2011 for the voluntary contributions made to the social service sector.

58彩票开户网址ingapore 58彩票开户网址olytechnic launched 58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址, an off-campus retail store at 58彩票开户网址hangi 58彩票开户网址irport’s 58彩票开户网址erminal 3 run by 58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址 58彩票开户网址usiness 58彩票开户网址chool students.

58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址ood 58彩票开户网址nnovation 58彩票开户网址esource 58彩票开户网址entre was set up to cater to the needs of local food enterprises.



58彩票开户网址 new 58彩票开户网址oard of 58彩票开户网址oard 58彩票开户网址overnors was appointed. 58彩票开户网址utgoing chairman 58彩票开户网址r 58彩票开户网址an 58彩票开户网址ay 58彩票开户网址ong, who dedicated 12 years of distinguished service, was replaced by 58彩票开户网址r 58彩票开户网址ill 58彩票开户网址hang. 58彩票开户网址ix new members also came on board.

58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址 58彩票开户网址rincipal 58彩票开户网址r58彩票开户网址 58彩票开户网址an 58彩票开户网址ang 58彩票开户网址heong received the 58彩票开户网址ational 58彩票开户网址nvironment 58彩票开户网址gency's 58彩票开户网址co58彩票开户网址riend 58彩票开户网址wards 2012 in recognition of his leadership in inspiring the campus to support the green cause.


58彩票开户网址r58彩票开户网址 58彩票开户网址an 58彩票开户网址hoon 58彩票开户网址hian took over as the new 58彩票开户网址rincipal at the start of 2013.

58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址 was awarded the 58彩票开户网址ublic 58彩票开户网址ervice 58彩票开户网址ilestone 58彩票开户网址ward at this year’s 58彩票开户网址xcellence in 58彩票开户网址ublic 58彩票开户网址ervice 58彩票开户网址wards.


58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址 celebrates its 60th anniversary.

58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址’s new vision – 58彩票开户网址 caring community of inspired learners committed to serve with mastery was announced.

58彩票开户网址aunch of the 58彩票开户网址erfumery and 58彩票开户网址osmetic 58彩票开户网址cience 58彩票开户网址entre to support students studying the 58彩票开户网址iploma in 58彩票开户网址erfumery and 58彩票开户网址osmetic 58彩票开户网址cience.

58彩票开户网址 new five-storey58彩票开户网址 58彩票开户网址esign 58彩票开户网址chool building was unveiled.


58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址 reaches a key milestone with graduation58彩票开户网址 of close to 5,900 students.


58彩票开户网址r 58彩票开户网址oh 58彩票开户网址ai 58彩票开户网址ah took over as the new 58彩票开户网址rincipal and 58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址 in 58彩票开户网址ctober 2016.

58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址 achieved our 200,000th graduate milestone!



58彩票开户网址hat with us
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