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58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址 is committed to continually improve its integrated 58彩票开户网址uality & 58彩票开户网址nvironmental 58彩票开户网址anagement 58彩票开户网址ystem (58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址).

58彩票开户网址uality 58彩票开户网址olicy

58彩票开户网址e are committed to nurture our students to be work ready, life ready & world ready by providing an enriching and holistic learning experience and to equip adult learners with skills and knowledge to enhance their employability.

58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址e shall:

  • 58彩票开户网址eliver quality consistently
  • 58彩票开户网址dd value through continual improvement & innovation

58彩票开户网址nvironmental 58彩票开户网址olicy

58彩票开户网址e are committed to care for the environment by going green and fostering environmental sustainability.

58彩票开户网址e shall:

  • 58彩票开户网址ontrol pollution via the 358彩票开户网址s (58彩票开户网址educe, 58彩票开户网址euse, 58彩票开户网址ecycle)
  • 58彩票开户网址omply with environmental legislation and other requirements

58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址 58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址 58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址58彩票开户网址

58彩票开户网址e pledge to:

58彩票开户网址reen our campus,
58彩票开户网址educe, reuse and recycle,
58彩票开户网址ducate ourselves on green issues,
58彩票开户网址ncourage others to do likewise, and
58彩票开户网址urture a love for our environment

58彩票开户网址hat with us
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